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We are very pleased to be able to publish a good number of messages on these web pages. The four authors we introduce here are not among those whose writings were very widely read. Most of the writings of these authors have never been published through the well known ‘official channels’. Some were published as booklets in India and England, but most of these messages were distributed as photocopies, mainly among friends, or handed out as tracts.

Tom Macartney‘s writings, cover a vast area of the Christian life and the church whilst some of them are purely evangelistic. His systematic style and clarity of thought made him an able teacher of the Bible. This is clearly seen in the book ‘Building on God’s Foundation’. His writings were distributed mainly, though not only, in the form of tracts.

Fred Flack and Raymond Golsworthy were trained for missionary work in the Missionary Training Colony in London, before they went to India in 1937. Fred Flack wrote several books, which were published in India. Raymond Golsworthy wrote many messages on his typewriter. He made photocopies which he distributed  among friends.

Ruth White is the sister of Joyce Golsworthy, the wife of Raymond Golsworthy. She went to China as a missionary, but after a relatively short stay there she served the Lord in Japan for many years.