24 A Word by the Editor

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In 2009 his relatively independent life in his room became too difficult. The kind and caring couple that looked after him were becoming older themselves and they were not able to care for him in the way that had become necessary. So on 22 June 2009 Fred moved to Rose Lawn Care Home in Sidmouth. It was very fortunate that this home was just opposite All Saints Church where he regularly attended the two worship meetings on Sundays. So, without much effort he was able to continue doing that. There was always someone quite willing to wheel him across the street to the meetings and back.

After some time the care that the staff of Rose Lawn was able to give also became inadequate for his physical condition that was gradually weakening. A Chinese couple in the Lord were instrumental in moving Fred to Southampton. There he was admitted to Northlands House Nursing Home in the care of a truly dedicated staff, on 18 November 2010. To the end of his long life Fred was thankful for everything the Lord gave him and he enjoyed the presence of the Lord daily. He always enjoyed visits of loved ones and all who came to see him had an awareness of the presence of God.

On 19 November 2012 Fred peacefully passed into the presence of the Lord after a very brief illness in his room and on 1 December a service of thanksgiving was held in All Saints Church in Sidmouth. Fred’s good friends Dale and Helen King were over from the United States, so Dale was able to lead the service. George Verwer (OM), Jabez David (Telegu, London), David Wong (Chinese, Southampton) and Daniel Khatri (Nepalese, Reading) gave reflections on Fred’s life. They represented the people who were so dear to Fred. His niece Heather Flack gave a tribute on behalf of the family. All Saints Church was filled with mainly Asians, showing how beloved Fred Flack had spent his life as a missionary for Christ and had been an example to many. To God be the glory.

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