Appendix 3 Fred’s Reaction

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Raymond Golsworthy in ‘A Missionary’s Love Story’, The Netherlands, 2003.

The time had clearly come when I would have to speak openly about all this (marriage plans, editor) to my close colleague in God’s work, Fred Flack. We had come to India as a partnership for the Lord, and I realised that any developing friendships of this kind would necessarily have a very important bearing on the primal partnership. Realising this, I took the first possible opportunity to tell him what had been going on in my heart, and I believe he got a full and true picture. It was indeed a deep joy to me that he showed such a deep understanding, and, in fact, took quite a favourable attitude towards it! He told me he would pray with me about it, and assured me that if I felt I should take any further steps about it, I could count on his fellowship. God knows.


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