23 The Present

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My present accommodation is a nice room in a flat owned by a kind and caring couple, who look after me very well. I enjoy a lovely outlook; everybody rejoices in what I am able to see from my big window, viewing the sea and looking down the promenade of Sidmouth. Being 100 years old, I am blessed so far with all my faculties; I thank the Lord every morning that I have eyes to see, hands to work, feet to walk and that my hearing is good. I thank the Lord that I am blessed with faculties that are now instruments for his righteousness. My mind is reasonably alert. I am very happy in the Lord; I like would to assure you that everyday I say, “It is your day Lord, I am your vessel meet for your use for whatever it may be. Please direct me for the day and enable me to serve you every moment, not to waste time.”

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