Pictures Fred Flack

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Twin brothers with parents, Joshua and Eliza. and sister, Christmas 1908. Bessie was born 6 April 1906, Fred and John were born 11 July 1907. John passed away on 25 April 2008, Fred on 19 Nov. 2012


Twins, Fred (right) and John, 1920

Fred (on the right) and John, 1920.


Stirling to Kilsyth, 1932

March of MTC students, Stirling to Kilsyth, 1932.


Fred Flack open air preaching, 1932

Fred Flack preaching in the open air as MTC student, 1932.


Fred standing on the right among MTC students at a camp, 1932.


Raymond Golsworthy and Fred Flack on their arrival in India ( Bombay), 1 April 1937.


Meg, around the time when she met Fred.


The AA man appearing in ‘The Wonder of His Ways’.


Raymond Golsworthy; Fred Flack; Watchman Nee

Fred Flack; Raymond Golsworthy; Watchman Nee.


Raymond Golsworthy (left); Fred Flack (right).

Fred Flack with Bakht Singh and fellow believers.

Wedding day of Fred and Meg, 23 June 1949.

Meg on her wedding day; with Lady Daisy Ogle.


Meg on her wedding day; with Lady Daisy Ogle.


Fred Flack on his wedding day.

Fred Flack and …


Fred and Meg with fellow believers.


Raymond and Fred at the centre with a wreath of flowers. Tamil group.


Fred Flack with brothers in the Philippines.


Food being served at Holy Convocation; one of Fred’s responsibilities.


Fred Flack at a Holy Convocation.


Fred Flack with fellow believers.

Conference at Copenhagen, 1957

Click this link –  Copenhagen, 1957– to check the photo of the conference at Copenhagen with some of the names with it.

Fred Flack at a conference in the Philippines.


Fred Flack with fellow believers; India.


Fred Flack with …


Meg at the cottage in Ireland. Bought in 1968.


Fred at the Irish cottage.


Meg Flack (left) talking to Catie in front of the cottage in Sydmouth. Bought in 1979. Catie stayed with Fred and Meg for 14 years, until the cottage was sold in 2000 after Meg had passed away.


Wedding anniversary.


Fred and Meg Flack


Meg and Fred; September 1997


Flack Twins, 90 years..


Fred in his home in Sidmouth, South England, summer 2004.


Fred Flack, 100th birthday.


Fred and John Flack, 100 years.

Fred Flack and Ad van Eekelen, 27 November 2011; nursing home in Southampton.

Fred Flack (105 years) with Ad van Eekelen.